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Early entry players without NCAA title....

Posted on: April 30, 2008 6:04 pm

What's up fella Bruins and current UCLA players who entered the NBA draft...  I was listening to The Dan Patrick Radio show today and he had The Legendary Larry Bird on his show...  Dan talked to Larry about various NBA topics...  Nothing major...  But Dan did ask Larry an interesting question regarding NBA titles and NCAA titles...  I can't rember the question verbatim...  But Larry Bird answered Dan by saying that he would trade all his NBA titles for 1 NCAA title at Indiana State...  I was like woah!!!  I wish Kevin Love, Russel Westbrook, Josh Shipp and Luc Richard had been listening to the show...  I know money talks, but when your old and grey like Larry is, I guess you ponder on what if I did this, did that...  So all you young b-ball players out there, Larry Bird is a legend and probably rich...  So take it as a lesson...  Money and riches is not always the best thing to have...   An NCAA title can be very important as well...   So good looking out Darren Collison...  He made the right choice...  and now he has another opportunity to get that elusive 12th national championship banner hung in Pauley...



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